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Book Review: LOSER – Life of a Software Engineer by Dipen Ambalia

Title: LOSER – Life of a Software Engineer
Author: Dipen Ambalia
Publisher: Fingerprint
Pages: 212
Price: Rs.150

Summary: The hilarious journey of IT industry begins here…

To know the life in IT, Dipen probably felt the need to educate the history of software world! Hence, the book starts with the theory of connection between outsourcing and Chirstopher Columbus, which is deeply hilarious. Dipen Ambalia takes a humorous ride through those who work in the IT field while giving comparisons with the non-IT’s or with arranged marriages in India or something else.

Warning: Refrain from taking care of your baby, doing minor household chores (if you are expert in multi-tasking), sipping tea or having lunch or dinner as you read the first three chapters (‘Origin of the Software World,’ ’12 Commandments to Fool Your Bosses,’ ‘Presentations’). You won’t stop laughing until you finish these three chapters.

Software Development Life Cycle’ Explained! and Different Roles in the Software World reminded me of the work I’d have been forced to undergo had I not decided switch my career even before it began, during early 2000.

Reading Dipen Ambalia’s book page after page, I realised I had taken the right step at the right time, and took the plunge to begin a career in writing and not be tied in the world of software (glued to the screen for hours!). But, for those who love the software world and who is into and want to enter soon, these pages will give you the insight to what to expect in the industry. Dipen may also make you feel you are trapped in the IT industry with his humorous insights about presentations and 12 Commandments to fool your bosses. However, you should be grateful to Dipen for his suggestions on how you can overcome your crisis with his humorous tips and tricks. These tips will make you impress your boss and ‘passing the wrong signal of being
a brainy person!’

Although at times, Dipen may seem to have exaggerated the situation, having known the lives of some of IT friends, find there is not much exaggeration and lives of those I know are beyond what he has written.
What makes the book interesting is everything is the humorous tone and it doesn’t mean to hurt anyone.

A good portion of the book has mention about the kind of people IT guys and gals would like to marry or comparison with arranged marriage. Purely hilarious! What makes the onsite people win over the offsite ones? Read the book for a comical ride as you learn what’s onsite and offsite. What does ‘On Bench’ mean? Dipen’s narration helped me learn better about this term, I’ve heard from friends earlier.

‘The Richa and Ramesh of the IT World,’ marks the re-surfacing of the humorous side of Dipen.  They may make you remember people (both IT and non-IT) you have seen in your life. At one point, while mentioning
recessions, he compares the recession-hit life in IT with that of the maid. In other words, he tells you, IT industry isn’t the only recession hit area. It could even hit house cleaners or those who work
in fields far away from the eyes of IT.

Dipen also gives special attention to reveal myths that exists about IT people. Have fun learning what non-IT people could be talking behind your back, if you work in IT.  Since Dipen offers smart devices to fool your bosses, he may not want bosses to read this book!

The book doesn’t have characters and author makes an effort to make the reader feel, he’s sharing the comical story of a ‘softie’ (as he often mentions for a software engineer) through simple language and narration.

What’s missing? Nothing much missing for a novice to know. But, there must be much more to write about the life in IT industry and perhaps, Dipen should write a sequel to this book to cover the uncovered secrets of IT life!

Get ready for a funny ride!

PS: LOSER: Life of a Software Engineer is a book anyone can enjoy, though IT crowd may feel attracted to this book more.

About the author:

Mumbai-based Dipen Ambalia is an electrical engineer who has served in the IT industry and is currently a business analyst by profession and a writer by passion.


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