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Book Review: Not Just Fate by Shilpa Arora Sharma

Book: Not Just Fate
Author: Shilpa Arora Sharma
Publisher: Pigeon Books
Pages: 365
Price: Rs.160

Summary: The story of friendship, love, betrayl and the underworld

Not Just Fate begins with the story of three girls. Through these three young women, Nivedita, Shriya and Kaya, the author brings out a life-sketch of the present culture in major metros, while distinctly bringing out their character. The first few pages flow through these narrations.

Nivedita is a girl, who has lived in India and abroad, and has lived through several ups and downs in life. Her friend, Shriya, tries to be much like Nivedita and her other financially well-off friends. Kaya is more of a foolish girl, who falls in for anyone who pretends to care for her. The characters are etched out well in the first several pages. Because of this it is easy to move along with the characters, when the story moves forward.

Several characters makes an entry in the following pages. Since I amn’t good in remembering so many names while reading novels, at times had to turn  back to see the character’s role.  I praise the author for bringing out so many characters and incorporting them in the story.

Abhaya Kashyap and Rahul are the other two main characters in the story. As the story goes through twists and turns – the narration puts you through the story of friendship, love, betrayl and of the underworld. The plot is so well-written that you can see the events happening in front of your eyes. There is a touch of ‘Bollywood flavour’ due to the underworld and stunts. Yet, the story is unique in itself and worth a read. Usually, the hero and heorine chases the villian.  But, here, the three join hands together for a reason.

Not Just Fate, Shilpa Arora Sharma gives a fresh twist and allows the hero and heroine to join hands with the criminal, to take revenge. The story ends with a surprising climax. Since the surprise element lies in why they helped the criminal to take revenge, read the novel to find out on your own.

Before I began I reading, I was apprehensive of how I would read a book with 365 pages (I’m used to reading shorter novels – preferably around 250 pages range). Once I finished the first few pages, I couldn’t resist knowing ‘what next.’ The storyline and the suspense made me thirsty to know where it was leading. The author has done good research to make the story interesting and real.

No wonder why Not Just Fate sold over 1000 copies in World Trade Fair and the first edition was sold within 40 days of its release!

About the Author:

Shilpa Arora Sharma is a software engineer and currently works with IBM.


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