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Book Review: The Steradian Trail by MN Krish


Title: The Steradian Trail

Author: MN Krish

Publisher: Westland

Pages: 356

Price: INR 295


Johsua Ezekiel,  a world-renowned computer scientist at MIT had come to India on an academic visit. When he reaches the airport to fly back home, he is stopped from flying, following the brutal murder of his former student Jeffrey Williams. With only a few minutes left for his death, Jeffrey manages to speak a few incoherent words into the callbox. This sets the way for Joshua to start running, only with magic number Jeffrey uttered before his last breathe.

Professor Lakshmanan, Joshua’s friend is the Head of the Department of Computer Science of a prestigious technological institute in the country, who accompanies Joshua for the rest of the ride to research, explore and untie the hidden elements. The ride takes you through an interesting journey of mathematics, science, economics, religion and mythology.  Lakshmanan’s exceptionally brilliant disciple, Divya enters the scene as the story progresses and helps Joshua and Lakshmanan to decode the magic numbers. Divya with ease surprises her mentor giving a new dimension to Ezekiel’s algorithm.  However, it isn’t easy for Divya to convince her mother that it is important for her to research and work to fulfill her career dreams rather than learning to cook or writing prayer notes.

And most importantly, solving the mystery at the shortest possible time is important for Joshua as he is caught in a mess of events and trapped in India, while his wife and daughter are trapped in another land, unable to return to their city. Lakshmanan stands by him in spite of facing odds at personal life and hectic schedule in his professional life. Divya grabs the opportunity to shine and show her exceptional skills.

With two sincere and brilliant people by the side, will Joshua be able to solve the murder? If you love thrillers, get ready for an exciting journey of suspense filled, mathematics, science, mythology and religion oriented thriller spread over 356 pages. Further, it is an interesting take on how brilliant people, on being greedy could misuse one’s brilliance for the wrong cause.

MN Krish has done extensive research on mathematics, science and mythology to keep the story lively and take it through interesting twists and turns. Although a thriller, since there is so much of science, mathematics and so on, and if don’t love going deep into such subjects, you will have to do a quick read at such portion of the book.

Yet, if you love thrillers and if you don’t mind delving into India’s historic past, go ahead and grab The Steradian Trail.

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