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Book Review: I’m a Woman and I’m on Sale by Mallika Nawal


Title: I’m a Woman & I’m on Sale

Author: Mallika Nawal

Publisher: Good Times Books Pvt. Ltd.

Pages: 214

Price: Rs. 195

The life of Harsh Jalan, a senior partner in a law firm change with the entry of Maya, a victim of abuse, who goes all the way to file a writ against her boss, Jograj. And Jograj can’t stand the fact his women employee has gone far ahead to complain against him and he moves forward to make every step of her’s fall apart. Will Harsh Jalan, a smart lawyer be able to save Maya from the clutches of her abuser? As the story proceeds, the author reveals Maya’s past, taking a peek at her abusive childhood and the trauma she went through her childhood. Mallika’s debut novel, dedicated to Nirbhaya, delve in to the mindset of a woman who had to go through a terrible childhood and encounter beasts in her early life.

Harsh Jalan’s friend, Deepali, a psychiatrist listens to Maya’s childhood stories, but will Deepali be able to help Maya overcome her fears? The sessions between Maya and Deepali forms the core of the story. The dialogues are well-written and the story in a simple and lucid language. However, I didn’t personally like the part of Harsh doing the disappearing act in the mid of the story and reappearing at the end of the story.

I’m a Woman & I’m on Sale is a different story you would like to read.. Happy Reading!


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