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Book Review: The Hunt For Kohinoor by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

Title: The Hunt For Kohinoor

Author: Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

Publisher: Westland Ltd.

Pages: 425

Price: INR 295


Ninety-six hours of thrill – that’s the book, The Hunt For Kohinoor in four words.

The story begin with Mehrunisa Khosa, an art historian receiving a life-changing phone call. The phone call reveals her father missing for nearly 20 years is alive. A spy, Harry or Snow Leopard as Mehrunisa’s father is better known as, is injured and unable to take forward a case dealing with high national security. She puts herself in the toughest situation a historian, with deep knowledge of the Mughal era and a woman can never imagine. The rest of the story goes through terrorism, and dealing with terrorists, chilling you to the core. The story is set in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Further, you get the opportunity to see how several people work together to save one’s own nation, to prevent another terrorist attack in India.

The daughter of a Sikh father and an Iranian mother, the story is convincing and written in tight and simple yet attention-grabbing language. Start reading and you will stay glued to the rest of the gripping story through the 425 pages. Each character in the story, from Mehrunisa to Harry and Jag Mishra, The Chanakya of RAW to Babur, the Butcher, a former soldier – now, a terrorist are well-etched and not for a second, you will feel  you are going through a reel world. I deeply appreciate the author, Manreet Sodhi Someshwar for the in-depth research she has put in to create a ‘real’ story, full of suspense from the start to the end.

It isn’t truly easy to convince me and make me happy. “The Hunt for Kohinoor” definitely impresses me with the kind of suspense and thrill, I look in a story.

Happy Reading!

(PS: Thanks to Westland Ltd. for the review copy) 


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