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Book Review: An Immortal Story by Satyendra Dhariwal

Title: An Immortal Story


Author: Satyendra Dhariwal

Publisher: Ayush Books

Pages: 335

Price: Rs. 175

The story starts with a successful author, Vinayak Chaudhary inviting an aspiring author, Vipul  his home after reading Vipul’s manuscript. Vinayak, on the condition of anonymity and upon signing the contract, shares his life-story to Vipul.

Vinayak hails from a poor joint family. In spite of his circumstances he falls in love with cricket and writing. He drops his studies mid-way and takes up a clerical job, away from his village. Meanwhile, his sister comes forward with a marriage proposal for Vinayak. Vinayak falls in love with Sneha, the moment he meets her. The two families agree to go ahead with the proposal. Soon, Vinayak, who disagrees with his seniors at work, leaves his clerical job. Sneha gets a job. In spite of being jobless and Sneha, wavering in her behavior towards Vinayak, both get married. Post marriage, Vinayak is completely depended on Sneha for money.

The author has tried to provide inspiration through his debut novel. The story attempts to share you should follow your heart, be it in love or career. But, as we read through the 335 pages, it tends to be boring at times, probably because of the length and certain repetitions. I also felt the author made sincere attempt, but he couldn’t entirely. There is a lot of scope for improvement and the author has to take extra care to make his next novel interesting.  I can’t stop writing, the book cover is dull and doesn’t impress one. I give 5/10 for ‘An Immortal Story.’

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