Authors – Launch & Promote Your Books!

Reviews books, post book launch news & publishes author / publisher / literary agent interviews


“A Window for Books & Authors” is exclusively meant for book reviews, book launch news/event, author interviews, publisher interviews and literary agents interviews.

Important Note: Authors and publishers can send me books for review. Email me at  for my postal communication information. I prefer to interview only the authors whose book I’ve read. So, if I haven’t had the opportunity to read your book, you need to send me a copy for both book review and author interview.

The Motive

I launched this blog for the following reasons:

  • Posting reviews of books I read (Mostly review books, authors and publishers send me. Among publishers, as of now, I review books for Random House India and Westland. )
  • Space to announce book launches (starting July 2013)
  • Giving authors a platform to voice their opinion on writing and their book
  • Letting authors have a small space online to publicize their book (through book reviews & interviews I publish in this blog)
  •  Publishers to talk about writing books etc that would help aspiring writers to have the ABC’s of publishing process and what publishers are looking for
  • Literary agents to share their experiences related to book publishing

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